Doctoral Program in Marketing

Doctoral studies in marketing provide a comprehensive education for students seeking a career in academia. Students develop and sharpen skills in independent research, teaching and service. Research education is grounded in both foundational methods and theories and cutting-edge philosophies. Teacher training and experience is integral to doctoral student life. Students have amble opportunity to hone their teaching skills in a variety of classroom settings. Participation in departmental management activities is the third area of doctoral education, and provides students with broad experience and preparation for a career in the professorate.

Faculty areas of interest fall under three broad sub-fields of marketing: strategic marketing, retail and sales, and consumer behavior. Faculty members researching strategic marketing focus on topics including competitive dynamics, marketing performance and metrics, service management and marketing, and business-to-business networks. Retail and sales scholars investigate retail business models and retail marketing, retail entrepreneurship, fashion marketing and sales management and pricing. Consumer behavior faculty research Consumer Culture Theory (CCT), consumer experiments, and digital consumption. Students work closely with faculty supervisors, often participating in research group projects along with individual dissertation research. Team work, collaborative writing of research papers and open, international and supportive culture characterize the life in our PhD Program.

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Professor Henrikki Tikkanen


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