BSc Program in Marketing

Becoming a market-oriented business developer and doer

Do you want to get the abilities to develop, manage, and do business by deeply understanding markets and customers? The Bachelor’s Programme in Marketing prepares you for careers, where you develop, manage, and conduct business in a market- and customer-oriented way.

The Bachelor’s Programme of Marketing is an academic programme that gives the student a comprehensive and practical perspective into how business is created, managed, and conducted in a market- and customer-oriented way. In other words, the objective is to give the student a comprehensive understanding of market-oriented development and management of businesses – as well as the abilities to design and implement market-oriented commercial strategies and marketing tactics.

As to basic knowledge and skills, you learn to understand markets and the behavior of consumers and organizations within markets. You also learn how to gather additional information and understanding about markets and customers by way of market research – to support important business strategies and decisions of your company/organization.

With specialization studies, a student can additionally acquire expertise in a selected specialization area (of his/her choice): either (A) in the management of customer and supplier relationships and networks, (B) in the management of product and business development, or (C) in marketing communications and sales management.

In general, the Bachelor’s Programme in Marketing suits you well if you are interested in the very core of any business: the development of attractive products, services, and business models; the creation and management of customer relationships; the management of the totality of a company’s business and business networks; or sales management, promotion, and advertising.

What is studying in the Bachelor’s Programme of Marketing like?

In Marketing studies, the learning and teaching methods are versatile.

As core teachers, you have Aalto’s marketing professors and doctors, as well as researchers. On most courses, there are also guest speakers from companies and the industry.

The courses include individual and pair assignments as well as group assignments – often concentrating on experiential learning projects and case exercises assigned by companies. Based on literature and lectures, students also write reflective essays and papers and work with applied exercises.

In addition to intensive and interactive coursework, there are broad abilities for self-directed, individual learning.

What kinds of career prospects are there? 

Students graduating from the Bachelor’s Programme of Marketing typically pursue the following careers:

  1. manager and coordinator positions responsible for companies’ products and product/business areas;
  2. manager, coordinator, and expert positions in product, service, and business development;
  3. manager, coordinator, and expert positions in marketing communications (e.g., advertising, media); and/or
  4. sales manager positions.

Many students graduating from the programme also go into various kinds of consultancy careers: as to general management consultants and product/service/business development consultants, as well as to different positions at market research agencies, advertising agencies, and media agencies.

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