Student project brings S Group information on sustainability in online retailing

5. maaliskuu 2018

Students also praised for positive attitude and independent approach to work.

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Artist in Residence: art with your own body by misbehaving

5. maaliskuu 2018

In the Artist-in-Residence position at Aalto University, the purpose of art is to arouse questions in a cross-disciplinary manner.

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Participants’ freedom made Restaurant Day the world's largest food carnival

27. helmikuu 2018

The movement’s leaders were not essential – instead, every participant was.

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New online trade expertise for Finnish businesses

20. lokakuu 2017

The Global Marketplaces research project opens up online trade opportunities for Finnish companies.

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Aalto University Properties Ltd divests Arkadiankatu 24 property

4. lokakuu 2017

Aalto University divests the property, but leases the premises until July 2019.


Developing design learning

25. syyskuu 2017

More collaboration with Art Education in Aalto University and SuoMu, the Finnish Association of Design Learning

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Extensive research project advances the use of artificial intelligence in B2B content marketing

21. syyskuu 2017

The Tekes funded cross-disciplinary project utilizes big data of partner companies.

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Call for Submissions: Radical Relevances Conference

7. syyskuu 2017

First Global Radical Relevances Conference 25.–27.4.2018. Submissions by 30th of September / We invite researchers and artists straddling multiple (or within one) disciplines to submit papers and artworks

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Set the initial price discount right to turn new customers into loyal ones

21. elokuu 2017

A study, recently accepted for publication at Journal of Marketing, reports nonlinear relationship between initial price discounts and customer retention.


Digital transformation is also changing Japan's retail business

8. elokuu 2017

The Global Marketplaces research project seeks to identify forerunners in the retail business in Japan.

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Professor Henrikki Tikkanen named holder of the A.I. Virtanen Professorship in consumer research

20. kesäkuu 2017

The Professorship at the Department of Marketing is named after the Nobel Laureate.

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Finland has a lot do to catch up with neighbouring countries

23. maaliskuu 2017

Researchers examined the country images people in Singapore associate with the Nordic countries.

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Meet Your Community – from walrus to alumnus

22. maaliskuu 2017

The MYC event comprised discussion on different options open to Bachelor's degree students in the selection of specialisation studies.

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Tenure Track position at the Department of Marketing

17. maaliskuu 2017

The call is open on any level of the Aalto University tenure track system (Assistant, Associate, and Full Professor)

Press releases Other

Department of Marketing at the Retail Research Day

7. helmikuu 2017

Researchers from the Department of Marketing presented their research projects at the Retail Research Day seminar in Helsinki on February 2nd.

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Customer engagement may decrease value of customer-specific sales

7. joulukuu 2016

Discussing services creates value for customers even if they don’t buy anything.

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Aalto kept its place at #2 among Nordic Business Schools

5. joulukuu 2016

The Financial Times ranking compares European Business Schools.


Doctor’s career path: Professor of Marketing Joonas Rokka's story

1. joulukuu 2016

The School of Business provided Joonas Rokka with a strong researcher education and broad networks.


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Brick-and-mortar shops and online stores compete for customers in Japan

10. marraskuu 2016

Aalto University professors acted as travel guides for Finnish business leaders in Tokyo.


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  • Japan
  • marketing

Department of Marketing in the SMS Annual Conference

12. lokakuu 2016

Scholars from the Department presented a research about CEO influence on competitive behavior.

Studies Other

Aalto Scholars receive Best Paper Award at 2016 Global Marketing Conference

9. syyskuu 2016

Research team from the Department of Marketing wins the Youngone Best Conference Paper Award.


Eric Arnould and Bruce Oreck join the Department of Marketing

30. elokuu 2016

Arnould joins the Department of Marketing as a Visiting Professor and Oreck’s appointment with Aalto as an Executive in Residence is extended.


Department of Marketing active in the AOM Annual Meeting

23. elokuu 2016

Aalto University was among the most active academic institutions participating in the conference.


The Marketing and Public Policy Conference in San Luis Obispo, California

18. elokuu 2016

Doctoral candidate Emma Mäenpää and professor Diane Martin presented their work on maritime sustainability.

Studies Other

A paper by marketing scholars from Aalto University appears in Journal of Marketing

11. heinäkuu 2016

A study by former and current researchers from the Aalto University School of Business appears in the latest (May) issue of Journal of Marketing.

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